About Us

Build Friends Travel Cambodia (BFTC) is an emerging tour services agency committed to providing an authentic and a unique experience for private and group tours of Cambodia.


We are committed to providing a rich, well-rounded experience of Cambodia. Let us awaken your imagination with the splendor of the temples and ruins of other ancient sites. But let us capture your hearts with the beauty and warmth of the land and its people.

Our extensive work in building better lives for the people of Cambodia through our non-profit organization has afforded us a well-established relationship with the land, culture and people here. In turn, we offer this to our visitors so that you may have more enriching, socially responsible tours of the areas.

Build Friends Travel stands out from other tours in Siem Reap because of the access we have to the various communities. The profits of the travel company goes to The Build Your Future Today center (BFT) a nonprofit government organization to help fund their project work in Siem Reap and the surrounding areas. BFT is currently working with 25 remote villages in the Siem Reap area, each village over 4 year cycle. These villages have approx 250 families with an average of 6 children per family. This makes approximately 40,000 people benefiting from the work BFT does. The villages that the BFT choose to work with are the poorest of the poor, malnourished children, no way for parents to earn money, no water, no sanitation, no health care.
We help you, we help them.


Operated by local Khmer people, our tours encompass not only the magnificent ancient sights but insights to the rich culture, history and heritage of this country. Our English speaking staffs are friendly, informative and accommodating. They can assist you in making your stay in Cambodia one of the most memorable experiences in your life. The team are a great resource of the ways and customs of the Khmer people, not just tour guides but the bridge to the local people; hidden gems behind the splendor and magnificence of our antiquities. We are committed to providing a rich, well-rounded experience of Cambodia.

Not many visitors have the opportunity to meet and interact with the Khmer communities living and working in the villages in the surrounding rural areas. They are the foundation of this community and Build Friends Travel Cambodia would like to offer this rare and unique chance for visitors to get to know them. In addition, you would be giving them a wonderful opportunity to share their wonderful heritage and a way to expand our international community.